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How our Toll Free services help

Here’s Dash Solution toll free 1800 number helps businesses



Easy CRM Integration

Integrate your toll free number with leading CRM softwares and automatically add customer data.

Real Time Analytics Dashboard

Access call logs in real time, hear recordings of your toll free calls. Draw valuable business insights with a customizable data dashboard.

Auto Call Routing

Our use of common API practices and our developer documentation (with code samples) makes implementing your SMS integration easy.

AI Driven Auto Keyword Analysis

Our artificial intelligence layered toll free service can search for keywords to determine the nature of the conversation and caller sentiment to increase customer traction on toll free calls.

Set Call Duration

Set an average call duration to auto disconnect incoming toll free calls, thereby reducing your telecom operator bills.

Set Whitelist & Blacklist

Set caller preference, alternately, prevent misuse by blocking unwarranted callers from spamming your toll free number.

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